Fashion Design – Creative Design
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Fashion Design – Creative Design
  • March 15, 2024 12:18 pm
  • 546 26 Thessaloniki , Macedonia and Thrace Greece
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Master the basic principles of Fashion Design, product development and development of garment collections. With this online course, you will learn creative fashion design through modern methodologies with the use of animation and videos.

In this section you will learn how to create your own design collection and how to illustrate your ideas in a stylish and realistic way.

You will:

  • Learn how to dress the figure with the garment parts and how to draw the head and face for fashion design.
  • Find suggestions and examples on what is flattering or unflattering for different figure types to make creative fashion designs.
  • Practice on drawing suggestions for fashion accessories.
  • Master practical illustration tips, which include a theory on shadow and perspective as well as instructions on how to illustrate a variety of woven and knitted fabrics and prints.
  • Practice how to use different fashion design illustration techniques to illustrate various designs lines (checks, plaids, herringbone, pied-de-coque etc).
  • Practice on examples for the development of a complete fashion collection from a single design.
  • Understand basic colour theory and its application on fashion design. Study many examples of colour application from Erté and young fashion designers work.

Fashion Design Creative is part of the Fashion Design Full Course, but can be studied independently, as long as you understand the basics in Fashion Design drawing.

It is a pre-requisite to understand the basics in Fashion Design Technical Drawing before you can take the Fashion Design Creative course.

The Fashion Design Creative course comprises of the following modules:

  • Drawing the head (21 poses)
  • Drawing the hand (15 poses)
  • Drawing feet and shoes (30 poses and styles)
  • Dressing the figure (17 exercises of shape and volume)
  • Dressing the figure with a great variety of styles and fabrics using the suitable poses (24)
  • Basic design principles for fashion design and governing elements (88 examples and applications)
  • Body types for fashion design (24 examples of aesthetic rules)
  • Various accessories of different fashion looks (56 examples)
  • Hat styles (24)
  • Practice of shadow and light using the rules of perspective (17 exercises)
  • Drawing fabrics (checks, plaids, prints) (12 exercises)
  • Drawing a special fabric design on a garment (six examples of 3 step exercises)
  • Developing a fashion design collection of 27 pieces (example of a collection based on a 2-lines motif)
  • Colour theory (13 coloured examples)
  • Tools and drawing techniques (2 examples)
  • Colour composition (6 examples)
  • Pattern repeat (16 examples)
  • Colour examples (17 examples by Erté, analysis of the use of colour)
  • Using colour for fashion design with various techniques (17 examples and exercises)
  • There are theory tests and practice tests for self-assessment

To be able to benefit from the Fashion Design Creative course, make sure that you have mastered the basic figure drawing skills and you know how to draw the body proportionately.

Fashion Design – Creative Design.



  • Fashion Design - Creative Design
  • Online Tutorial for 8 Weeks
  • 59 lessons
  • Learning software & Fashion Design Template
  • Suitable for All levels
  • Includes Software license


546 26 Thessaloniki , Macedonia and Thrace Greece

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