Full Online Course in Pattern Making
Full Online Course in Pattern Making
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Full Online Course in Pattern Making
Full Online Course in Pattern Making
  • March 15, 2024 10:28 am
  • 546 26 Thessaloniki , Macedonia and Thrace Greece
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An ideal solution for perfectly fitting patterns, no matter what your size. Learn how to design and make your own clothes in no time.

The Pattern Making course provides training in three areas:

  • Drafting: How to construct block patterns and pattern adaptation to develop your own styles ready for assembly.
  • Lay planning: How to lay out your pattern on your chosen fabrics.
  • Assembly: Basic sewing and assembly instructions.

The pattern making system has been available for over 30 years and has been tested and used by thousands all over the world. There is no limit to your design ideas! Learn how to create your own styles and how to bring your ideas to life. The full program for Pattern Making contains three complete sections:

  • Womenswear Pattern Making
  • Menswear Pattern Making
  • Childrenswear Pattern Making

All three sections may be studied separately and Womenswear can even be broken down further into smaller sub-sections:

  • Womenswear
  • Womenswear – Blouses
  • Womenswear – Jackets & Coats
  • Womenswear – Skirts
  • Womenswear – Trousers

You can study each sub-section as a separate complete online course. In each section there are common parts, which is why if you choose to study only one section and then decide to study another section, you will benefit from a reduced price. It is more cost effective to register for the complete programme rather than to purchase each section individually.

As an alternative, you can study the womenswear pattern making online course at the same price but in 3 equal parts. This gives you the flexibility to Pay As You Go.

The online course is suitable for individuals wishing to develop these skills for a career, for those who would like to learn pattern making for their own personal use, and also for use by Colleges and Institutes of Further Education to supplement their curriculum and offer students alternative study medias facilitating the tutors job.



  • Pattern Making Full Course
  • Online Tutorial for 20 Weeks
  • Includes womenswear, menswear & childrenswear
  • You will recieve learning software and pattern making template, 22 LP's
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Includes software licence


546 26 Thessaloniki , Macedonia and Thrace Greece

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