Sewing Full Course – Pay As You Go
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Sewing Full Course – Pay As You Go
  • March 15, 2024 1:10 pm
  • 546 26 Thessaloniki , Macedonia and Thrace Greece
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Learn how to make exquisitely sewn garments that everyone will admire. Make the most of this sewing course and take advantage of our flexible payment method. If you are a student, a professional or you simply love drafting and designing your own clothes, this unique training and reference tool for sewing techniques is for you.

We are now offering you a new way to study sewing online providing you with the flexibility to “Pay As You Go”. We have divided the full sewing course into 3 equal sections starting with the basics and working its way up. You can learn all about sewing and pay only 1/3 of the price with each step you take.

The course is paid in three monthly instalments.

Each section will be an equal part of the full sewing course. Once you complete Step A, you can move on to Step B and then C, with each step you finish, you will know a lot more about sewing and our price goes down. The steps MUST be taken in the order as you need what you learn in Step A to progress through Step B, etc.

Sewing Full Course – Pay As You Go!



  • Sewing - Pay As You Go
  • Online Tutorial for 9 Weeks
  • Includes 59 garment operations, 9 garment cases, 6 lining cases, 29 interlining cases, 107 pressing operations, 35 seams and finishes
  • You will receive Learning software
  • Suitable for All levels
  • Includes Software license


546 26 Thessaloniki , Macedonia and Thrace Greece

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